Thursday, 25 May 2006

What is Computer Literacy?

This is just one of the questions I am currently pondering.

As educators what are we trying to achieve when it comes to computer literacy?

I know computer literacy should not be tied to a particular group of software products. How is this overcome when we are bound to a particular type of operating systems and tools.

At the moment I believe that what I am trying to achieve with classes is a change in mindset. I guess I want my students to see the computer and other information technologies as tools to be governed not objects which govern themselves.


Blogger -::mark::- said...

Thats the big problem in my opinion.

Do we change the way we work to fit the machine/software etc, or do we mould the machine/software to work the way we want it to work?

We have to be willing to use other technologies (pencil and paper) if it gets the job done effectively.

Planning is important here? what do i want my kids to achieve? Can the technology support that? (or will it be a distraction?)

nice blog.


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