Saturday, 6 October 2007

Off Topic ... or is it: The War Tapes

Another TED talk, this one is by Carolyn Porco (filmmaker
of The War Tapes) .…
. The project involved giving soldiers in the national guard a camera and
filming from the front line for a year. Powerful stuff.

Liberation I guess is a matter of perspective!

Is this off topic? The blog name after all is 'ICT integration in the classroom'. Well I would argue that it isn't off topic. The War Tapes film is just one example that the actual ICT tools have moved into insignificance. I didn't watch this film thinking I wonder what camera they used? I wonder how they edited the film? What font did they use? All of that faded into insignificance as I was moved by the content and the emotions that this film evoked. It was substance not the technicalities of construction that mattered.

Bringing it back to classroom ... it's the thinking and the literacy that count. Consider the skills you used when watching this film, whether you are pro the war in Iraq or against it.

The development of ICTs has made the dissemination of a message no longer bound by the 'media' but has placed the power into the hands of the people. The Net has provided the platform for discussion and debate. Allowing us to question truth and perspectives.

What do you think?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Request to test if comments work.

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Anonymous grace kat said...

Scranton has got the idea for documentary making. Instead of hoarding "precious camera equipment" she makes them available to the subjects in her film. What a great way to get real stories across. The days where news events being handed out to the masses by a small population of media owners is slowly going. This is relevant in an educational setting - giving students a camera and power to choose their own content. For example, students could take a film camera home to film a celebration from the preparations prior: shopping etc up to the actual day. It could be shown at International Day at school.


11:28 am  

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