Monday, 8 October 2007

New Imagery for School and Schooling: Challenging, Creating and Connecting

imagery for schools and schooling
is the title given to the upcoming ACEL conference in Sydney.

The title of this conference has raised some questions in my mind over definitions and the power that these definitions have in being impediments for change. Let me explain.

By defining a school as such, to most, this implies physical boundaries, bricks and mortar, institutions, schools bounded by fences, teachers in classroom and students at desks. If we do not radically change our perceptions of this definition schools will remained stagnant, modelled on the factories and line workers of the industrial revolution. The world has changed, schools and more precisely education needs to imitate this reality. If we don't we will have a system that will inadequately prepare students for the future. The YouTube video below highlights this.

The subtitle Challenging, Creating and Connecting is the essence of education in 2007 and beyond. Those very elements are the terms that define Classroom 2.0. No borders!

The conference has some world renowned speakers ready to impart their understandings and predictions for the future of schooling. Wish I was there!

Maybe if this conference is truly challenging, creating and connecting the organisers may consider podcasting the keynotes for those of us who can't attend but would have loved to?

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