Tuesday, 9 October 2007

K12 Online Conference 2007 - Inventing new Boundaries

The pre conference key note for the k12 Online Conference 2007 is now available to listen to. The title of the keynote is "Inventing New Boundaries" given by David Warlick

It is an exciting time for educators and students - boundaries and borders are coming down. We are in a position to have some control over shaping what the schools of the future will look like.

The traditional boundaries of fences and text books, even the notion of the classroom are being challenged. David asks educators and students to be resourceful, creative and imaginative when creating new boundaries - new boundaries that are necessary in order to create the 'traction' required so as to allow us to move forward.

His themes are very much linked to my post yesterday and I consider him one of my Yodas.

This keynote is definitely well worth a listen --> "Inventing New Boundaries" given by David Warlick

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