Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pangea Day - The Power of film to unit people and strengthen understanding

I've written about Pangea Day before, the wish of Jehane Noujaim to tap into the power of film in order to strengthen understanding and compassion among people.

The project is gaining momentum as we move towards Pangea Day which will be celebrated around the world on the 10 May, 2008. The website with details has been recently updated and is well worth a look at .

This project highlights yet another way that technology has been used and will be used to destroy borders. This time the borders are not just the physical borders of cinema complexes, not even the borders of countries. This time the borders being overcome are the those placed on us by the media. Technology has allowed the general population access to the power of film --- most mobile phones these days come complete with their own inbuilt video camera allowing the bearer the ability to create their own narrative, to recount events in their life as they happen and then share these with whoever they please.

Can this be a concept we can use to empower our students and give them a voice?

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