Wednesday, 23 January 2008

ICT Literacy testing

MCEETYA have released the results of the ICT Literacy testing conducted towards the end of 2005. It can be
found at

The key finding is that there are differences in the extent to which students in Years 6 and 10 have the opportunity to become familiar with computers - and that this difference is founded in home computer usage and socio-economic differences. The testing also found that students use the Internet to 'look up' information rather than creating, analysing or transforming it.

To me it supports the need
to get students into those high order levels of thinking rather than simply teaching the use of the tool. … get over the handwriting lesson let’s get into writing … if you know what I mean. It also supports the idea that no matter how high tech the technology, no matter how many bells and whistles our technology has, without
a strong pedagogical basis the results will be average.

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