Monday, 14 April 2008

Does a Wii mote make an IWB?

Who needs the pay top dollar for an interactive whiteboard when you can get the same results with a $40 remote control.

I discovered this guy, Johnny Lee on the net a while ago and have tried the software he has so cleverly written together with my wii remote (Yes we own a nintendo wii). Initially the whole thing was very experimental ... But now it’s being taken quite seriously by the world and Johnny Lee has been invited to TED to present his work.

The video only goes for about 5 minutes and is well worth a look

Hey while we wait for the decision makers to go through the process of identifying a supplier for interactive whiteboards we would be able to set these up in every single classroom at fraction of the cost.

At $40 a piece for the wii remotes it makes the idea of interactive whiteboards in every classroom more palatable ... Even to me ... $40 being about the right price for what is effectively another input device (instead of thousands).

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Anonymous Jonathan Nalder said...

we've just begun ordering a wii for my school - and will surely look into this option also!

10:17 pm  

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